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The battle to ban single-use plastics is taking hold in Asia and music can help spread the message t

As a resident of beautiful Penang island in Malaysia, I love the clear seas surrounding us, and yet our environment is in grave danger of being swamped by more and more plastic rubbish. The Earth's sea life is constantly endangered by ingesting floating plastic waste, mistaken for something delicious to eat--a floating clear plastic bag looks like a lovely jellyfish; a bobbing plastic bottle, a delectable sea urchin; tiny confetti-like particles of decomposing "bio-plastic" bags looks just like Plankton! We cannot afford to wait any longer to make a world-wide "ban on single use plastic"! There are already 43 countries in the world who have banned single-use plastics; ie. bags, bottles, straws, cutlery, plastic cups, plates, espresso coffee caps, etc. including China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, Kenya and the list grows day by day! But it will take all of us to change our daily habits, in order to save the oceans from plastic wastes. Let's all do our part to put pressure on businesses and our local elected officials to support a Green and Clean environment, here in Penang, and everywhere we live!

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